Seven Finnish Identities
The Multimedia 'home in the museum' by Mario Rizzi

9.11.2001 - 3.3.2002






An installation of a real home, built by ‘seven Finnish identities’ together with the Italian-born artist Mario Rizzi (1962), will open to the public at the Helsinki City Art Museum in Meilahti on November 9, 2001. The concept is by the Artist, the creation has been interactive.

Seven Finnish Identities invites museum visitors to take part in the life of the home in many ways, some suggested by the project, some left to their imagination. For example, they may try on dresses, blow balloons, write down their own memories, play the piano and experience spicy scents. The ‘home in the museum’ is a meeting place and a memory box. The work raises questions about what is Finnish and what is ‘alien’ in a multicultural society and on the same experience of home, a place that belongs to us and to which we feel we belong. All the seven individuals, ‘owners’ of the rooms, live in the Helsinki area: some were born outside of Finland, some are part of an ethnic minority. Fahmo has a Somali background, Eva a Belarusian one, Mirhaban a Kurdish one, Johanna has both a Finnish and a Yemenite Jewish background, Lydia a Filipino one, Jacqueline a Cuban one and Sarika an Indian one. They live in Finland in a stable way, they study or work, one of them was born in Finland.

Eva, Fahmo, Jacqueline, Johanna, Lydia, Mihraban and Sarika furnish their rooms with their personal possessions, mementos, books, toys, music, dresses. The Artist has edited some of their old videos and chosen some of their photographic memories. Cultures meet and merge in their homes and identities. These homes and identities are also Finnish, and Rizzi’s work asks who is considered Finnish, who a stranger and why and how is being Finnish changing.

Mario Rizzi is a multimedia artist, who has an interactive approach to making art. In Rizzi’s projects, viewers are invited to activate their imagination and their creative potential, to give up any passive role. He invited psychiatric patients to take photographs as well as Israelis and Palestinians to exchange gifts. Also, he filmed citizens of Taivalkoski who accepted to sing the lullaby Hämähäkki, to remember the words of childhood’s innocence, some lost fragments of their history. Seven Finnish Identities crosses the borders between the artist and the viewer, hybridizes art and life, public and private. This project was realized during an artist residency for the Helsinki International Artist-in-residence Programme (HIAP) at the Cable Factory in spring 2001. The exhibition has received support from the Italian Cultural Institute in Finland.

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Photo: © Mario Rizzi 2001

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