There are about four hundred outdoor sculptures, environmental works and historical monuments in Helsinki. The oldest works date from the late 19th century, with some individual monuments being of even earlier provenance.

Monuments located in parks, streets and squares belong to the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum. There are also public works that are located on the premises of private and state-owned companies and are therefore owned by them. In addition, there are around one hundred sculptures and monuments in cemeteries. This website only contains public monuments in cemeteries. Sculptures on private graves are not mentioned. See also the website for monuments belonging to the Helsinki City Museum (in Finnish only)

The citys latest public outdoor art projects can be accessed by clicking 'new sculptures/projects' in the sidebar.

You can search the sculptures by:

- The title of the piece: click 'sculptures abc...' for an alphabetical list: Havis Amanda, Paavo Nurmi, Marshal Mannerheim, Eino Leino...
- The surname of the artist: click 'artists abc...' for an alphabetical list: Aaltonen, Kaivanto, Vallgren...
- Clicking 'search' in the sidebar and then typing in a topic such as bear, child, sports, statesman, war
- Sculptures on a map of Helsinki
- Searching with the term 'hktm' will output all works that belong to the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum

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