The Art Museum has a policy of placing works of art from its collections in City offices, mostly in new or recently refurbished spaces. The purpose is to give the public an opportunity to see and enjoy art and to improve the quality and comfort of workplaces. In addition to being a public service, the collections serve researchers. To this end, the Art Museum engages in documentation, conservation of art works and research.

Marjatta Tapiola, An orange animal, 1999-2000, oilpainting, 200 x 300 cm, City of Helsinki, Rescue department
Jan-Erik Andersson, Surrealistic Midsummer's pole, 1998, sculpture, 11,5 x 3,4 m, City of Helsink, education department, Nordsjö-Rastis building
Markku Keränen, Tempera painting from the series North, 1996, tempera on canvas, 210 x 250 cm, City of Helsinki, education department, Salmisaari school


Monuments and other works of art placed in public locations enhance the quality of the urban environment. The Art Museum actively seeks to provide all city dwellers with an equal right to live in a high-quality environment.

The City Art Museum has a special appropriation for procuring works of art for placement in public locations such as plazas, parks and public areas in office buildings. Since 1991, moreover, the City of Helsinki has observed the Percent for Art principle and reserved one per cent of its development budget to procuring and commissioning art works. These works are placed in health centres, schools, day-care centres, neighbourhood centres and youth centres. All public art procured by the City belongs to the City Art Museum’s collections.

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